What happens when an on-demand generation can have access to anything-food, weapons, clothes, drugs-at the click of a button? In the era of Internet hyper-connectivity, four friends order drugs online, only to reveal how disconnected they really are. 

FESTIVALS: Nominated at SXSW (2015) and Sunvalley Filmfest (2015)

Year: 2015
Director: Lacey Dorn, Mafalda Millies
Producer: Warren Elgort
Screenwriter: Lacey Dorn, Mafalda Millies
Cinematographer: Nicholas Lory
Editor: Nick Noyes
Production Designer: Annina Pfuel
Sound Designer: Will Patterson
Music: Ben Sharony/ Matthis Meyer
Additional Credits: Camera Operator: Jack McDonald
Gaffer: Ben Rutkowski
Associate Producer: Valerie Steinberg & Nicolas Niarchos
Producer: Will Cart
Title Design: Comfort Arthur

Principal Cast: Christa B. Allen, Margo Stilley, Davey Havok, Jay Bulger, Lacey Dorn, Sandra von Ruffin, Mafalda Millies, Sammy Jack Pressman, Sal Lahoud